Princing Guide for Special Iterms

The following products are sold above the face value due to their popularity and limited printing quantities: Chinese New Year Whole Sheet, Sheetlet (mini-sheet) Year Set, Whole Sheet Year Set. China National Philatelic Corporation (CNPC) only sells limited quantities of these products to the existing subscribers. And each year, only small number of new subscribers are chosen through a lottery. We receive these items at a higher price than the regular items. In the following table, the currency exchange rate is assumed to be USD:CYN = 1:6.7.




Subscription Price

Chinese New Year Full Sheet

Intact full sheet for the Chinese New Year Issue



Sheetlet Year Set

Including all the sheetlets issued in the calendar year.  



Full Sheet Year Set

Including all the intact full sheets issued in the calendar year. Booklets and S/S are NOT included.